Mission Statement

To initiate and facilitate the ongoing development and implementation of socially and environmentally responsible programmes targeting the individual and collective needs of Jamaican ex-soldiers and needy persons in the South Florida and Jamaican communities.jesajamusaemblem

JESA was founded in 1995 by ex-service members of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) who saw the need of bringing together ex-service members and ex-civilian employees of the JDF to achieve a common goal.

Our main aims are:

A. To provide for mutual assistance, enjoyment, entertainment and improvement of all members socially, by encouraging them to participate in constructive and beneficial forms of recreation; to promote friendship; to inculcate a high sense of loyalty amongst members and to stimulate their intellectual advancement.

B. To stage fundraising events in order to raise funds to assist local and Jamaican charitable institutions such as:

  1. Curphy Home – A home for destitute ex-service members who served in WW11 (Jamaica)
  2. Mona Rehab (Jamaica)
  3. Any other individual/institution within the community



2017 calendarThe Jamaica Ex-Soldiers Association of South Florida, Inc. has supported and continues to support its members, as well as many organizations, schools and elected officials with projects that are geared towards assisting low income families, students and relatives in South Florida and Jamaica. A few of the projects include our annual Back-to-School Giveaway, Fire Prevention Project and donation of medical supplies to various home and rehab centers.
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