Profile Summary

The Jamaica Ex-Soldiers Association of South Florida was incorporated in 1995. The creation of the association was the brain child of ex-soldiers and civilians who worked with the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) and who now resided in South Florida. These former members of the JDF saw the need to support their local communities, and their country, Jamaica, through charitable work and donations.

Over the past nineteen (19) years, JESA South Florida has supported many projects and made donations to many institutions in South Florida and Jamaica.

South Florida, USA

JESA has supported and continues to support its members, as well as many organizations and elected officials with projects that are geared towards assisting low income families, students, and retirees.

Some of the projects include:

  • Annual ‘Back to School’ Give-a-way
    Each year JESA collaborates with various churches to donate school bags with supplies to schools within the tri-county area of Broward, Miami and West Palm Beach.
  • Fire Prevention Project
    Since 2011, JESA, in collaboration with Brown and Brown Electric Inc., has been running a ‘Fire Prevention Project’ in Broward County. Working with other non-profit groups and churches, smoke detectors and batteries are installed in low income, veterans’ and seniors citizens’ homes.


JESA has continued to support many organizations and schools in Jamaica: These include:

  • Jamaica Defence Force (JDF), Kingston
    Since 2013, JESA has provided monetary assistance to the JDF Welfare Fund for the use in assisting with dialysis treatment to ex and current soldiers at the University Hospital of the West Indies, Mona. JESA’s initial commitment of monetary assistance is for five years for US$15,000 – $20,000. We also donate beds, bed/bathroom supplies and wheelchairs to the JDF medical Center.
  • Curphy Home, Mandeville
    On a yearly basis, JESA donates clothing, equipment and cash to Curphy Home, a retirement home for ex-soldiers.
  • The Sir John Golding Center (former Mona Rehab)
    On a yearly basis, JESA donates medical equipment and supplies to Mona Rehab, these include wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, beds and bathrooms supplies.
  • The Golden Age Home, Kingston
    Since 2012, this home has received yearly supplies of beds, bed and bathroom supplies, wheelchairs, walkers and crutches.
  • Medical health Fair, Haywood, St. Catherine
    Since 2012, JESA has collaborated with Haywood Past Student Association (here in South Florida) in organizing a community health fair where citizens benefit from medical, dental and optical treatment.

JESA South Florida is always recruiting new members. Interested persons may call 954-324-5506 or visit our Website and complete our Membership Application Form online.

Also, JESA South Florida constantly seeks donations of clothing, school supplies, medical supplies, toys and money to enable it to continue its charitable work.

JESA’s Executive Members are:

  • Anthony Bedward – President
  • Earl Scale – Vice President
  • Patrick Russell – Chairman
  • Clive Lawson – Treasurer
  • Rosetta Brown – Asst. Treasurer
  • Richard Gayle – Secretary
  • Stacy-Ann Barrett – Asst. Secretary